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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lunar New Year Animals : All You Need To Know About It

What is The Chinese Zodiac Animal

In Lunar Year or Chinese Year, It's known as Sheng Xiao, depends on a twelve-year cycle, every year in that cycle identified with a creature sign. These signs are the rodent, tiger, rabbit,bull, mythical serpent, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, puppy and pig. It is computed by lunar schedule.
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Lunar New Year Animals , Chinese new year zodiac animal. spring festival

Why Monkey This Year?

The general picture of individuals in this zodiac sign is of continually being brilliant, shrewd and insightful, particularly in their vocation and riches. They are energetic, adaptable, clever and flexible. Moreover, their delicacy and trustworthiness present to them an everlasting adoration life. Despite the fact that they were conceived with lucky abilities, regardless they have a few weaknesses, for example, a rash temper and an inclination to look downward on others.

Good Things and Bad things about Monkey:

Good Things:

Chinese Zodiac Animal, Lunar new year

  • eager, confident, friendly, creative 

Bad Things:
Lunar New Year Zodiac animal, CHinese new year, animal of the year
  • desirous, suspicious, sly, childish, self-important

Lunar New Year Animal Calender from 1941 to 2024

lunar new year 2016 animal .lunar new year 2016. calendar lunar new year 2016 date

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What is Chinese / Lunar new year

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What is Lunar New Year Or Chinese New Year

Lunar new year or Chinese new year are same in actual but Chinese residents don't really like to call it "Chinese new year", so they call it Lunar new year or 15 day festival in their own language. Most of people call it Spring Festival too, but actually all are same and it's the most important festival in china / Vietnam / Singapore.

    This is 2016 in English years, so in china it will be 4714th Chinese year or spring festival and begins on 8 February 2016.

History of Lunar New Year

By legends and stories, the lunar year or Chinese year was begun with an old legendary mammoth called the Nian. Nian was a mammoth and he would visit one town every year and murder individuals particularly kids. To spare all villagers from nian, villager would place sustenance before their entryways toward the start of consistently. It was trusted that after the Nian ate the nourishment they set it up, wouldn't assault any more individuals. 

Lunar new year history, chinese new year, Lunar  new year 2016, Lunar calendar
Nian with villagers

        One day, a villager chose to get revenge on the Nian. A divine being gone to him and instructed him to put red paper on his home and to place fireworks. The villagers then comprehended that the Nian feared the shading red. At the point when the New Year was going to come, the villagers would wear red garments, hang red lights, and red spring looks on windows and entryways.
lunar new year, chinese new year 2016, lunar new year 2016, Chinese new year,
Nian never went to the town again.

  Individuals likewise utilized fireworks to alarm away the Nian. From that point on, Nian never went to the town again. The Nian was in the long run caught by Hongjun Laozu, an antiquated Taoist minister. The Nian got to be Hongjun Laozu's mount.

From that day all the Chinese celebrate is in start of February month and there are few holidays too in beginning of new year(Mostly first 3 days).

Primary Activities On The Lunar New Year

Spring Festival travel rush

There are lot of important celebrations on the start of new Chinese year but spring Festival travel rush is the major activity of the event and famous at worldwide too.  As per records Spring Festival travel rush period is world's biggest season of human immigration.
Lunar new year or chinese new year . Spring festival
Spring Festival travel rush

Lunar new year 2016